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Company profile

1) factory environment

The factory covers an area of ten mu, with a total area of 6500 square meters. There are dormitories and canteens inside the factory.

2) organizational framework

General Manager - Finance / General Services / Purchasing / Trade / Business Documents / Quality Inspection / Technology Research & Development / Warehouse / Production - Chip Shop, Welding and Overlay Shop, Backway Shop;

3). Establishment time

In 2005, solar panels for producing solar lawn lamps were produced, and steel between 20W-320W was produced after 2010.

The glass laminated plate has a history of 14 years specializing in the production of small and medium-sized components.

4) personnel composition

The total number is 50, the number of non line workers is 15, of which 4 are R & D personnel.

5). Sales

In 2017, RMB4600 million and 2018 RMB5500 10000 -6000;

6) customer composition

Multinational corporations having been established for more than 20 years;

Sales of large components plants ranging from 200 million to 2 billion;

Listed companies producing solar energy applications;

7) quality grade of products

The quality of the medium and high grade products is located.

8) market positioning

Our factory's foreign market orders accounted for 90%, domestic government project orders accounted for about 10%, the main service for these two markets;

二. List of major equipment

1) Battery chip sorter,

Quantity: 2 sets, target: used for testing battery chip, brand: Xi'an Jiaotong University sentient beings;

2) Laser cutting machine,

Quantity: 4 sets, purpose: used for cutting battery chip, brand: Guangdong Lailian, Ningbo Yuehao;

3) Automatic series welding machine,

Quantity: 3, target: 2 medium type series welding machine for welding 30W-300W components, brand: Shenzhen Guangyuan;

Target: a small series welding machine for welding 2W-50W components, brand: Shenzhen bison;

4) EL tester,

Quantity: 2, target: one for semi-finished product test, one for finished product test, brand: Xi'an Jiaotong University sentient beings;

5) Automatic laminating press,

Quantity: 2 sets, target: used for laminating components, brand: Qinhuangdao Bo Guan;

6) Group frame machine,

Quantity: 1, target: install aluminum alloy frame, brand: Jiangsu Shunyi;

7) Component tester,

Quantity: 1, target: test solar panel power, brand: Xi'an Jiaotong University sentient beings;

8) Laboratory

Quantity: 1 set, target: for various performance testing of raw materials, accessories and solar module finished products;

三、Product testing

1) Incoming inspection

Methods: raw materials and auxiliary materials of the incoming inspection;

Target: used to prevent bad batch quality of incoming materials;

2) Self-examination, (full inspection)

Methods: employees in their basic positions on the use of materials for self-inspection, continue to produce qualified products, non-qualified products picked out for replacement;

Purpose: used to control a single product due to material causes of undesirable products;

3) Mutual examination, (full inspection)

Methods: after a basic post before the production process before testing the quality of the product flow, qualified products continue to be produced, pick out, return to the previous process repair;

Target: used to control the bad products caused by artificial causes in the upper process;

4) Electrical test (full test)

Methods: the electrical properties were tested by battery chip sorting instrument for raw materials, EL tester for semi-finished products, module tester and EL tester for finished products, and solar panels with connected wires. Conduct test of wire break;

Target: ensure that the electrical properties of each product from raw materials to semi-finished products to finished products are normal;

5) Appearance inspection (full inspection)

Methods: equipped with basic posts, solar panel finished products for external inspection;

Target: each solar panel has a good appearance, which makes the customer's application products have a competitive advantage in appearance.

6) Quality inspection (spot check)

Methods: the production of the basic positions of the production workshop products according to the proportion of the test, to achieve the rate of continuous production, beyond the qualified rate of stoppage rectification;

Target: timely discovery of batch bad products in the production process;


Laboratory work content

1) Project: grain size test of toughened glass;

Purpose: to prevent the use of solar panels due to abnormal degree of glass tempering caused by self-explosion;

2) Project: viscosity test of EVA material;

Target: to detect whether the viscosity of EVA adhesive is up to standard to prevent the solar panels from delaminating in the environment of large temperature difference;

3) Project: tensile test of backplane;

Target: test whether the back plate delamination will affect the service life of solar panels;

4) Project: test the tensile force of silver paste of battery chip;

Target: detect whether the silver paste used in the raw material battery chip will fall off under high and low temperature conditions, resulting in abnormal component power attenuation;

5) Items: test for aging of junction box;

Purpose: prevent junction box factory from replacing normal PPO material with PC material or ABS material, resulting in shorter service life of junction box;

6) Project: sealant performance test;

Purpose: to prevent the sealant factory with aging resistance years of 5-10 years of building adhesive, instead of the aging life of 25 years of solar special electronic adhesive;

7) Item: drop test,

Target: for the foreign single piece of solar panels after packaging, the detection of accidental drop, solar panels will be smashed;

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